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CI and CD are revolutionizing the meaning of DevOps and operational efficiency for businesses. Understanding the major demand for quality CI/CD services, Brain Technosys, LLC brings integration of codes and access to resources for the short delivery time of software products. Access code sharing for mainline repositories and achieve high accuracy with automated pipelines in product release.

Embark a strong foundation for your DevOps management


Our team begins with the integration of new features and codes for developing quality code. Further, this code goes to multiple check layers to collect feedback. We leverage different CI/CD tools for executing unit tests and sanity tests for the codes.


When the cost is tested, the next step is to register it. Different artifacts are used for inserting the code into the registry for further testing and control. Now, your code is ready for testing and improvisation.


Our experts further create alpha and beta versions of code which are deployed in different system integrations. The main focus lies on the performance of the builds and their interaction with each other. For ensuring high accuracy, a manual testing layer is also added to this process.

Once the code is tested and monitored at different integration units, our experts begin the process of deployment. At this stage, the end user receives the final product. When the product goes live, our experts ensure consistent improvisation through attention-to-detail monitoring. Brain Technosys, LLC experts ensure an error-free and efficient product delivery to the clients. We ensure that all our clients get a customized service experience where they get to address their production issues explicitly.

Access cost-effective CI/CD services to take your software development game to the next level. We ensure improvised delivery time, smooth processing, and consistent production. Become a part of the Brain Technosys, LLC family to work with a resource-optimized approach for a smooth development process.

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We help businesses to incorporate the best development culture within their organization. Have a look at our diverse yet inclusive service approach for CI/CD solutions.

CI/CD design services

We begin with tooling definition and finish with a complete selection. Get the chance of building your CI/CD strategy with a customized roadmap right from the experts.

CI/CD Implementation

Get complete infrastructural analysis and resolve the bottlenecks firsthand. Access the advanced tech stack selection with the end-to-end deployment of CI/CD

CI/CD consulting

Review and audit your CI/CD pipelines right from the Brain Technosys, LLC experts. Get complete control of execution.

IaaS integration

Integrate IaaS with your business operations to reduce time-to-market. Leverage automation in your build process and manage the vision of your product release

AWS Integration

Blend the potential of your AWS tools with CI/CD to achieve higher efficiency. We work with AWS code-commit, AWS CodeArtifact, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CodeDeploy

Azure integration

Customized CI/CD integration for your Azure tools which covers Azure Boards, Azure Repos, Azure Artifacts, Azure Pipelines, and Azure Test Plans


Leverage the power of faster product release and fewer errors

Get the best product release results with minimum errors and reduced production time. We help you identify and fix the bugs at an early stage for ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of the product. Our comprehensive multi-layered testing CI/CD approach ensures that no errors pass to the next stage.

Achieve better MTTR with our minute code improvisations and fast fault isolation with the advanced CI/CD approach of Brain Technosys, LLC. Build a proactive response work culture with our CI/CD practices where you can mitigate the error risks easily while keeping it cost-effective.

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