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Get expert guidance to safeguard your cloud infrastructure with Brain Technosys, LLC


Control your cloud resources by a centralized medium with Brain Technosys, LLC’s IAM consulting. Watch and decide who can access and who can’t your cloud resources to build a secure data atmosphere in your business operations. Brain Technosys, LLC offers customized and scalable IAM consulting services where we manage your data security with complete agility.

Why Brain Technosys, LLC IAM consulting services?

Incorporation of DevOps methodology

Brain Technosys, LLC uses advanced agile and DevOps solutions for recognition and access management of your business operations

Scalability and customization

Catering your data security needs with a targeted approach and our digital IAM solutions grow with your enterprise offering complete flexibility for your future goals

Diverse service portfolio

We support a diverse set of services in different operational domains such as stratification, assessment, resource allocation, management, and optimization.

Granular permissions

Differentiate the permissions as per the hierarchy of the firm or use cases of data among the employees. Share the information smartly with our granular access feature

We help you integrate the security of different digital platforms cost-effectively. Use our multi-factor authentication to enhance the security layers of your operations. Brain Technosys, LLC experts begin with one sign-in identity. Key stakeholders can easily determine the extent of information sharing and authentication with this identity management.

Brain Technosys, LLC allows you to leverage the power of cloud and data solutions while mitigating security risks. You get a completely end-to-end IAG offering covering entitlement management and SSO to the configuration of diverse domains. Our team has offered tailor-made IAM consulting services ranging from small to large enterprises. We help businesses in optimizing their cost and time for managing their digital security.

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Brain Technosys, LLC offers inclusive IAM solutions

Build a secure digital wall for your data and cloud systems with advanced technology and customized planning. See what we offer in our robust IAM consulting solutions.

Identity governance

Get inclusive service experience with provisioning and de-provisioning control of the users. Implement automation support for certification and remediation of the access accounts

Access management

Check the risk-associated authentications, implement context with the access of accounts, and use web single sign-on for ensuring complete control over the usage

Consumer IDAM

Follow through with the complete customer registration, keep your self-service accounts in check, and make your customer consent management simplified


Analyze your focal points for managing your identity attributes also implement cross-system relations while implementing stringent compliance check

Privileged Access Management

Control the password and session management while having a complete monitoring focus over the credential management processes and end-to-least point privileges

IAM Stratification

Consult with our experts to build a full-proof IAM implementation and monitoring strategy while keeping your current operational structure in mind.


Guarding the data and cloud systems for our clients for decades!

Brain Technosys, LLC allows you to defy the flaws of traditional security. Imagine having a breached user password and what havoc it can create to your business data system. This makes an organization vulnerable to cyber attacks. So join hands with us for accessing the best IAM security resources for your business.

Simplify the security checks for your employees and eliminate the worries of passwords and contaminated access points. Enhance your employee productivity by making data security easy for your business operations.

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